2020 Vision Goal Four - Travel Accommodations

Have you ever asked God for something and maybe you have prayed for days, weeks or even years and still no answer? That is often the case. Do not be discouraged and don't give up asking. For whatever reason, it may just be the right time.

On the other hand, there are times that we hardly get the pray off of our lips and God answers. That is the case with our fourth goal. Matthew 6:8 tells us that our Father knows what our needs are even before we ask. In this case, we had made this video and before we got it posted, God provided.


Just five miles away from our office, we found this very well cared for RV with only 88,000 miles. It has new tires and is all ready to hit the road. It has enough storage space for the spear and all of the exhibit items and should serve us well for quite some time.

Here are a few of the reasons we felt lead to go this route.

5. Space for the spear AND people - We are looking for 2-3 teenagers to travel with us to help with the presentations as well as the setup. We also are looking for another adult to travel with us or perhaps a couple.

4. Home on the road - Tours of up to six weeks at a time requires a lot of meals and nights in hotels. Living out of a suitcase is not easy. Sleeping in the same bed each night is nice. Most nights on tour will be spent in church parking lots.

3. Safety and security - Should we ever be involved in an accident, a larger vehicle provides a greater possibility of escaping without getting seriously hurt. It also provides better security for the spear and the rest of our equipment as it will always be with us and not inside a van or trailer while we are in hotels, etc.

2. Privacy - Staying in people's homes or even hotels does not provide much privacy. 

1. NO BEDBUGS - Things are not the way they used to be. We are finding more and more bedbugs everywhere we travel. Staying in the homes of other people or in hotels has become a good source of these nasty creatures. The time and expense it takes to get rid of them is time and money wasted not to mention the frustration. So for our own sanity, it will be nice to be able to control what is in bed with us.

We were able to pick this beauty up for just $6,900. Would you consider making a tax-deductible donation to help pay for it? Just six people at $1,000 plus a handful of smaller amounts would take care of the entire bill. Thank you for considering this.