Here is what people are saying.

" There are some things you’ve just got to see in person to comprehend. One of these is the life-size Noah’s Ark at Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky—pictures just don’t do it justice. Another, so I’m told, is Goliath's spear." Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, Hebron, KY

"We were thrilled to have a part in helping to launch Goliath's Spear!  Not only was this a profitable time for our kids to be able to see the life-size spear, but it also was good for us to be able to have a part in showing how great our God really is as depicted through the story of David and Goliath.  I know that you will be blessed by Sheldon and the ministry of Goliath's Spear!" Pastor David Deets, Whitneyville Bible Church, Alto, MI

“We had the privilege of a recent visit from Sheldon Rhodes and Goliath’s Spear. What a joy… Having promoted the event for several weeks brought some new visitors. No-one was disappointed. Sheldon’s presentation is heartfelt and dynamic… The display is incredible - and the spear is simply awesome. Like a museum set up, there are stations for kids and adults to touch and feel the weight, history and power of this weapon. Of course the message to all is that there is a weapon far greater than Goliath’s; it is the weapon of the presence, power and purpose of God in our lives! Thank you Sheldon Rhodes for your dreaming, preparation and obedience to God’s call upon your life to bring Goliath’s Spear to this world. A timely message for all.” Pastor Stan Handzlik, Assembly of God Church, Springville, NY