Chris Allen

Chris is a business man with a vision. He is the owner of Allen Trench Safety. He has always been a “What if” guy. A lot of things are possible if you ask yourself the question, what if. This along with his strong Christian faith have made Chris very successful. The original vision to make Goliath’s spear was the result of one of those “What if” moments.



Sheldon rhodes

Sheldon has been involved in full-time children’s ministry with his wife Victoria since 1973. Together they have traveled to all 50 of the United States conducting an average of over 200 presentations a year. They have used puppets, gospel magic, juggling and a host of other tools to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sheldon is the founder and director of Jest Kidding, a non-profit 501.c3.


 Troy lacey

Troy is one of the several researchers at Answers in Genesis. He is in the Creation Science Biblical Research Department. Most people are aware of the Creation Museum, Answers in Genesis and the Ark Encounter. Troy and his co-workers verified and added  findings to our research assuring that what we developed was truly historically accurate.