Who were the philistines?

The origin of the Philistines is not known. I will be adding more information about them in the days to come. However, there is one fact that is without question, the Philistines were, are and will be the enemies of God.

Their god Dagon, is mentioned several times in the Bible; Judges 16:23-24,  I Samuel 5 and I Chronicles 10:10. The Philistines relied on Dagon to give them victory in war. This is what made the confrontation with Goliath so distasteful to David. Goliath was basically saying that his god, Dagon, was more powerful than the God of Israel. He had been declaring for forty days the fact that his god was going to give him the victory. He was announcing that his god favored him over anybody that would accept his challenge.

The recent discovery of a Philistine cemetery may reveal more about their past.

There are several battles mentioned in the Bible between the Israelites and the Philistines. 

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