Creation Museum Gets Spear

The Biblical research department of the Creation Museum was extremely helpful in the development of Goliath's spear. The goal right from the start is that the spear would be accurate in every detail according to God's Word. Troy Lacey (Pictured with Avery Foley) and Sheldon Rhodes exchanged massive amounts of emails for over a year making sure all of the facts were right.

We felt that for all of the work put into the project, it would only be appropriate that the museum have their one reproduction of the spear. Donors rallied around the idea and gracisously gave to the cost of having an additional spear made. A "Launch the Spear" banquet was held Sept. 22, 2017 (The first day of Fall) at Whitneyville Bible Church to make a formal dedication of the spears as well as a presentation of the finished spear to the museum. The banquet also kicked off the first "official" tour of the spear which took it to five States. Troy was there to receive the spear on behalf of the museum.


The spear was actually delivered to the museum Oct. 27, 2017. On Nov. 3, Ken Ham,  president and founder of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter posted a blog about receiving Goliath's spear.

Although the Creation Museum has a spear, that does not mean that you can go there to see it. At least not right now. They are excited to have it and are making plans as to how to best display it or put it to work. Until such time as it is on display there, there is only ONE spear available for the public to see. There is only ONE spear available to come to YOUR church, retreat, breakfast, etc. along with the complete exhibit that goes along with it.